Chapter 5. Virtual Cassette player

You can enter the cassette view by clicking on the Tape icon at the top right or by pressing the key combination (ALT + 0 on Windows an Linux or CMD + 0 on MacOS).


The buttons on the player

The virtual player can be controlled by clicking on the different buttons, which have the following functions:


  • REC: Starts recording on tape (See later the recording section)
  • Play: Start playback
  • REW: Rewing a block back
  • FWD: Advance the tape a block
  • EJECT/STOP: Stops playback/recording or allows you to change the tape.
  • PAUSE: Opens the tape Explorer.

The cassette Explorer

Pressing the pause button will enter the cassette explorer


From the cassette Explorer we will be able to position the tape in the block that we want simply by double clicking on the block in which we want to position the tape.

From the browser you can also turn write protection on or off.

If we check the tape next to each block we will see a small icon with the symbol of a trash. That allows us to remove the block. Caution: If we delete a block this is removed immediately from the file

Using the Eject button we will be able to remove the tape from the player

Using the Insert button we can insert a different cassette.

New Tapes

Using the browser's new button we will be able to create new tapes to store our programs.

RVMv2 allows to create tapes in any of the supported formats that are:

For the ZX Spectrum:


  • TAP (for limitations of the format only allows to save standard blocks)
  • PZX
  • TZX
  • CSW (when creating a cassette always create a CSW v2)

For the Amstrad CPC:


  • CDT
  • PZX
  • TZX
  • CSW (when creating a cassette always create a CSW v2)


RVMv2 allows to record directly on tapes (as long as they are not write protected).

Note that when you record something on the tape the new blocks will be inserted just before the current position. If we want to add something to the end of a tape, we will have to rewind it to the block labeled "End of Tape"

To start the recording process you only have to press the button of the player Rec (or ALT + END in Windows or Linux/CMD + END in MacOs). When you Stop the tape RVM will interpret the audio and add the news blocks to the tape.