Chapter 1. The Main Window

In Retro Virtual Machine from the main window is where we can manage all our virtual machines.

A virtual machine is a file (with .rvm extension) in which you save both the state of the machine and the status and configuration of the different devices that the machine has connected, also, in the file of the virtual machine is saved all the configuration that we have customized like by example video and audio options

Create a new virtual machine

To create a new virtual machine, you must first go to the side panel by clicking on the button in the upper left corner.


In the side panel click on the option Create machine...:


The wizard will appear to select which machine to create from the available ones.


Once we have created the machine, RVM will ask us where we want to save the file that contains it, so the machine will be created and the machine icon will appear in the main window.

Resizing the icons in the main window

Using the slider at the top right, we can resize the icons of the virtual machines that we have open in the main window


Open a virtual machine

To open a machine we only have to double click on its icon

Rename a virtual machine

As we can create several machines of the same type, sometimes it is convenient, change the name to the machine (It's only the name shown in the window). To do this we will have to open the contextual menu doing Click with the right mouse button on the machine, and then, selecting the option Rename.


Close a virtual machine

Similarly, using the contextual menu, we can close a machine by selecting the option Close.

It is advisable to clarify, that with this we only remove the machine from the main window, The file is not deleted and we could open the machine again opening the file with the option open machine... of the side panel.