Chapter 7. Input, gamepads, keyboard and mouse.

Gamepads / Joysticks

In RVMv2 you can use gamepads or josticks just by connecting them, if you want to customize the function of each of the buttons, you can use the option Configure Gamepads... from the side menu of the main screen.


With the button "change port " you can change which port that device is connected to. Each time the button is pressed it is changed cyclically between:

  • ZX Spectrum:

    • Kempston
    • Sinclair Port 1
    • Sinclair Port 2
    • Cursor
    • O, P, Q, A, Space, M, N, B
  • Amstrad CPC:

    • Joystick Port 1
    • Joystick Port 2
    • O, P, Q, A, Space, M, N, B

With the button "pause" we can pause the emulation


RVMv2 uses a 1 to 1 keyboard map between the actual machine and the emulated machine.

Keyboard map for ZX Spectrum


  1. The TEST key (f1) simultaneously presses the Q,A,Z,P,L,M keys to enter the hardware test on the ZX Spectrum +2a/+3.

Keyboard map for Amstrad CPCs



If we add a Kempston Mouse to a ZX Spectrum or we add a AMX Mouse to an Amstrad CPC, we can use the mouse (with the compatible software) in the emulator. To do this first we have to capture the mouse in the emulation pressing ALT+M in Windows or Linux / CMD+M in MacOs. To release the mouse just press again the same combination of keys.