We can add a X-Mem to all Amstrad CPC models. The X-Mem has:

  • 512K of extra RAM.
  • 512K of programmable ROM memory.

Retro Virtual Machine emulates a X-Mem with winbond flash memory.


We can enter the configuration panel of the X-Mem by clicking on the rom chip icon in the upper right corner, or by pressing the key combination ALT+7 in Windows or Linux, or CMD+7 in MacOS.



The X-Mem has three switches:

  • Rom enabled / disabled: Activates or deactivates the internal rom completely.
  • Rom free / locked: Allows or not to write on the rom
  • Boot: Indicates whether to boot from the firmware installed on the x-mem or from the main firmware of the computer.

Programming ROM's

We can program the X-Mem from the CPC itself using its software: Manual and Software X-Mem

Alternatively we can program the roms directly from the emulator by clicking on the Manague Roms button.


From this box we can insert the roms we want using the green button .... With the red button C we can delete the rom.